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Boiler Intelligent Monitoring System

Observation and monitoring of the inside of the boiler, diagnosis of the heating surface, and optimization of soot blowing frequency.

Air preheater intelligent cleaning equipment

The tube air preheater intelligently cleans the dust, and the frequency can be adjusted to ensure the smooth flow of the air preheater flue gas.

Heat exchange composite pipe

Patented technology, anti-corrosion, strong heat conduction, rich application scenarios.

Boiler Diagnosis System

Application BackgroundFor thermal power plant boilers, due to the difference in coal quality, slaggi ...

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Air Preheater Cleaning

Application Background1.The denitration process of coal-fired boilers is prone to produce a large am ...

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Heat Exchange Composite Pipe

Application BackgroundResearch and development for low-temperature corrosion of boiler air preheater ...

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We focus on solving the problem of boiler safe operation

Solutions include boiler monitoring and diagnosis, ash cleaning of the heating area of the air preheater, and improvement of the heat exchange efficiency of the air preheater.

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Our Services

Boiler intelligent monitoring and diagnosis, air preheater heating surface intelligent cleaning products and solutions supplier.

Boiler diagnosis system

Multispectral technology, AI pattern recognition, boiler operation monitoring and diagnosis

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Air preheater cleaning

Intelligent online dust removal to ensure smooth exhaust of air preheater

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Patented composite pipe

Patented flexible thermal conductive material, higher heat exchange efficiency

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316L composite pipe air preheater

Corrosion resistance, high heat exchange efficiency, longer service life

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Corden Steel Air Preheater

Corrosion resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, strong plastic ductility

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2205 dual phase alloy air preheater

Chlorine corrosion resistance, effective resistance to pitting corrosion, long service life

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Provide comprehensive boiler diagnosis services for many large domestic thermal power groups to solve the problem of corrosion and fouling of biomass boiler air preheater.

Boiler observation and diagnosis service—Tianjin Guoneng Jinneng Binhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Service OverviewProject Time: October 2021Service Time: One DayService Content: Comprehensive diagno ...

Huadian Xinjiang Changji Power Plant — Observation and Diagnosis of Boiler Slagging

Observation area image displayObserve the high-temperature superheater through the flame-retardant v ...

Online Ash Cleaning Equipment Project—China Everbright Bioenergy (Xiayi) Co., Ltd.

Project OverviewBoiler Type:110t/h biomass boilerPurchase Products:Air preheater intelligent cleanin ...

Online Ash Cleaning Equipment—Laizhou Xinhui Biomass Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Project summaryBoiler type:130t/h CFB boilerPurchase Products:Air preheater intelligent cleaning equ ...

316L Composite Pipe Air Preheater Everbright Bioenergy (Xuyi) Co., Ltd.

Project OverviewPurchase Products:316L composite pipe air preheaterPurchase Quantity:4 sets of tube ...

316L Composite Pipe Project—Shandong Zhenghe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Project OverviewPurchase Products:316L composite pipePurchase Quantity:300 piecesProject Time:August ...

Market positioning of
our solutions

We focus on providing boiler monitoring and diagnosis solutions, and have a number of patented technologies. At the same time, it provides solutions for air preheater corrosion and ash accumulation treatment.

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  • 2022-01-14

Influence of fouling and clogging of air preheater

The blockage of the boiler air preheater is mainly due to the contact between the ammonia in th ...

  • 2022-01-14

Measures to prevent dew point corrosion of air preheater

In the previous article, we introduced the main reasons for dew point corrosion of air preheaters. O ...

  • 2022-01-14

Causes of Dew Point Corrosion in Boiler Air Preheater

The boiler air preheater is a very important part in the boiler work. We also introduced in the ...

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