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Boiler Diagnosis System

Application Background

For thermal power plant boilers, due to the difference in coal quality, slagging and contamination of the heating surface of the boiler is prone to occur, which will cause damage to the heating surface of the boiler, affect the effectiveness of the soot blower, and cause boiler safety accidents.

The internal flame brightness of the boiler is high, the amount of internal smoke is large, and the number of boiler viewing holes is limited. It is difficult for ordinary monitoring and observation equipment to clearly observe the internal operation of the boiler. There are observation limitations, and it is impossible to determine the ash and slagging of the internal heating area of the boiler. Accurate judgment of location and degree of slagging poses certain safety hazards.

Boiler monitoring and diagnosis instrument

System Introduction

The boiler intelligent monitoring diagnosis and identification system adopts spectral special penetrable optical imaging technology and pattern recognition technology, which can accurately observe and monitor the internal operation of power station boilers through flame and smoke, and quantitatively locate and observe the corrosion, slagging, and ash accumulation on the heating surface Wait.

The observation camera adopts air cooling and water cooling to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Through image analysis and data analysis, it provides a more reliable basis for the safe operation of the boiler.

Observation of high temperature superheater

System Composition

1.Boiler monitoring imaging system

2.Image data processing module

3.Image database module

4.Intelligent recognition evaluation module

5.User-side imaging module

Observation site

System Advantages

1.The use of special spectral penetrable optical imaging technology is different from the infrared spectroscopy observation technology used in most power plant boilers. The imaging is clearer and the feedback of boiler operation problems is more accurate.

2.Adopt pattern recognition technology and image optimization algorithm to quickly process the impact of the camera collection, and make the image more real and clear through image processing methods such as smoothing and denoising.

3.The artificial intelligence algorithm intervenes and cooperates with the long-term monitoring and observation of the system to make the collected data analysis more accurate. The intelligent evaluation system can provide a more scientific reference for the safe operation of power plant boilers.

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